Miami Days & Nights

What happens when 4 artists from the same Philly neighborhood come together and make some magic happen? This dazzling fashion photo shoot! I had the insane honor of photographing Jovan O'Connor's Designer pieces inspired by a collective Miami concept. Strutting these looks was the amazingly talented, beautiful and oh so elegant Tedra who is a published model and marketing consultant. Behind the scenes, Shanah was the one responsible for glamming up the star with her incredible makeup artistry.

All of this was photographed in or around Alden Park Apartments in East Falls, Philadelphia which will be hosting the first ever Miami Themed Beer Garden & Pool Party this Saturday, July 22. You really won't want to miss it! (RSVP here!)

I'd love to hear your feedback on the pieces we created!

Bloom baby, Bloom!

Wow. Talk about magical. Two things that I love are flowers and anticipated babies. Lucky for me I got the best of both worlds when I got to photograph Courtney & David's maternity session. You can clearly see how adorable these two lovebirds are, but can you even imagine how sweet their TWIN baby boys are going to be?! 

All the happiness to them! <3

Honky Tonk Highway

Last week I had the coolest opportunity to travel to Nashville, TN with the owners of the Philadelphia Studio space that I manage and assist them in photographing a wedding! Not only was the wedding simply the most gorgeous, beautiful and most breathtaking southern wedding we could have hoped for... (more to come on that!) but we also allowed ourselves a few days to soak in the Music City experience! Where did we giddy on up to, you ask?

Broadway's Honky Tonk Highway, in every bar we could manage to. Nudie's, Roberts Western World, Whiskey Bent Saloon, to name a few. At Whiskey Bent, we stumbled upon an awesome cowboy who we watched pickin' and singin' til the cows came home. 

Jarett McAlister gave us a new appreciation for outlaw Country Music and it was really somethin' to spend an afternoon sipping Yazoo Brews while dancin' to Jarett's nice blend of originals and requested covers.

Ya'll can head over to his site to have a listen, download his new EP here and give him a like on Facebook.  YeeeeeHawww!!!

Brittany & Tim - Proposal

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I had the privilege to photograph the proposal of two of my very best friends! Tim is in a band called The Dull Blue Lights with my husband, so I consider us band family. Ever since Brittany came into the family, I've gotten to know & love her, as well as see the two of them glowing with happiness through all of their adventures and love for music!

Brittany is a talented, professionally trained singer (who has sang backup for Lenny Kravitz, among many others and just graduated from Uarts!!) so there was no better way to pop the question than on STAGE at a festival in Fredericksburg, Virginia! Tim asked Brittany to perform a cover of Valerie with the band, but once she was on stage, she found herself saying YES to the big question.

All that adrenaline and she still nailed the song!

Naturally, I found a vintage couch that was begging for us to do a mini engagement shoot. The band helped me lug it around outside!

I feel elated for the two of them and just love to see my friends so smitten. Big congratulations to Brittany & Tim!

From the bottom to the top - Martin Tower tour

I grew up in Bethlehem, PA, home of The Bethlehem Steel Corporation. Dating back to 1857,  it was once the second largest corporation in America to manufacture steel and supplied the materials in both World Wars, to build the Golden Gate bridge, Empire State building and many other iconic structures. 

In 2003 the corporation closed its doors for the final time. Many of the plant's remnants have since been turned into music venues, parks, shopping malls and a Casino; an awesome use of the space that had been decaying most of my life. However, one modernist structure still stood tall and mighty, reminding all of how important this city was in industrial steel manufacturing. That building is the 21 story Martin Tower skyscraper, headquarters to the Bethlehem Steel. The building is the tallest in the Lehigh Valley and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

On January 15, 2017, I had the rare opportunity to walk from the basement to the 21st floor and rooftop to see the entirety of the building before they begin removing the interior this month. The fate of the building will be decided thereafter.
(See more information about that here: The Morning Call )

(4x5 film photograph taken Fall 2015)

(4x5 film photograph taken Fall 2015)

The following photographs are some sights I saw on my adventure inside and on the top!

All of these images are owned by Caity MacLeod and may not be used or reproduced without permission. If you would like to inquire about permissions or purchase prints, please contact me here.

All that glitters - a mock Anthropologie catalog.

Phew, I am wrapping up semester 3 out of 4 at my college! This project was a final for my fashion photography class and it was the first time I've ever dabbled in studio work focused on the clothing. Becoming a set designer, clothing coordinator, schedule organizer, stylist, oh yeah, and a photographer too is no joke. So, I tiredly but proudly present my favorites making up my mock Anthropologie catalog.


Perks of having an unplugged ceremony.

Weddings are a huge deal. You spend months of time planning, thousands of dollars invested and high hopes for a single perfect day. Everything goes just as planned, until one of the guests jumps into the aisle and blocks a crucial photographic moment for the photographer.

In my experience photographing weddings, there are always a handful of throwaway photos containing guests with outstretched phones, point and shoot cameras, their own DSLRs and sometimes.... (the worst yet) even giant iPads in the way. In the photo below, I was using this aisle to prepare my frame for the upcoming kiss and as you can see my full length view of them was completely consumed by an excited and unaware guest.

(Luckily, I was able to quickly get higher than her and snap some beautiful close ups!)

(Luckily, I was able to quickly get higher than her and snap some beautiful close ups!)

Asking guests to unplug is gaining popularity and there are many reasons why.

- You asked the guest to be there to help you celebrate a huge event in your life. You PAID the photographer to document it.

- Professionals work hard to be conscientious and not in the way. If the guest is moving all around, they are most likely disrupting your other family and friends.

- They are not giving you their full attention. Wouldn't you prefer a photo of a guest tearing up at your vows rather than staring at their camera phone?

Did you have an unplugged wedding or plan to have one? I would love to hear how you handled this topic with your guests. 

Mysterious portraits of Abby Mac.

In a life of routine and an age of information, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the things we see visually. Because there are so many outlets to make and take amazing photographs, Portrait and Lifestyle photography has morphed into two main approaches. The first is a photojournalistic, natural perspective that is seen in most weddings and family portraits. The other is making unique portraits by taking an interesting concept or style and creating a scene to fit it. Although I love both approaches in their own ways, "playing pretend" will always be my favorite.

When I had an opportunity to photograph Abby, I knew we were going for an elegantly disheveled look. Setting her shoot in a nearly 300 year old New England shaker house made that a breeze. 

Would you just check out that awesome 60s dress she's sporting?

All the gold and mustard yellow velvet in this room was to die for.

And of course there was ample floral everywhere you turned your head!

So, do portraits have to be stale and rigid? Well, maybe not in the negative sense of the words.

How to give your photos a vintage look in Lightroom

Do you also love the vintage look that you get with Instagram, Snapseed and VSCO filters? I am obsessed with the way you can give new photos a polaroid aesthetic with a few simple clicks. Unfortunately there is no way to work on raw photographs and maintain the quality unless you edit them either in Lightroom or Photoshop. I am going to show you a very simple way to get this vintage matte effect in Adobe Lightroom in 6 tiny steps.

1. Start with a well exposed raw image that has a normal amount of contrast. Import to Lightroom and work in the Develop Module.

Basic Panel

2. Add some warmth with the temperate slider. I chose 6,000K because it was a cloudy day.

3. Lighten the exposure or lower your contrast to mute the colors. I went with +0.25.

4. And lastly, bump up your blacks. (Blacks are where you see the matte effect strongest so lightening prevents those areas from getting too blocked up.) I chose +26

Tone Curve Panel

5. Create a custom point by holding Command+ clicking on the area.

6. Drag the curve up by sliding up on the left side creating a check mark. You can play with the curve here to find the contrast that you enjoy most.

Voilà! Now you can be hip AND high quality!

John & Triona - Marriage Celebration

Here are a few excerpts from a seriously magical marriage celebration that I had the pleasure of photographing last weekend. I swear it was a fairytale forest filled with with the most beautiful people.

Nuthatch bird eating out of a guests hand. I told you it was magical!

Nuthatch bird eating out of a guests hand. I told you it was magical!

A smorgasbord of cookies made for a fun way to eat dessert and bring some home too!

A smorgasbord of cookies made for a fun way to eat dessert and bring some home too!

Have you ever even fathomed a cuter caterer than her? I think not. <3

Have you ever even fathomed a cuter caterer than her? I think not. <3

Brittany in the Sky With Diamonds.

Here is a look at my final project for my 1st year of college featuring the groovy Brittany Luna in a 70s boho wardrobe.  Inspired by some of my personal favorite clothing lines, I wanted to showcase the different looks in a wearable, natural manner. Bringing decades back is always a ton of fun. 

Fairytale in the woods.

“If I’m honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all.” 
― Audrey Hepburn

For the past several months I have been planning out this idea I had to use smoke bombs and create colorful, dreamy scenes in the woods. Finally, after endless days of scouring vintage stores in Philly to find the perfect dresses, time spent coordinating with 9 different girls to model, gathering a team of assistants who were all incredibly generous with their time... here it is! 

Model: Brittany

Model: Brittany

Model: Karly

Model: Karly

Model: Molly

Model: Molly

Model: Phoebe

Model: Phoebe

Model: Amanda

Model: Amanda

Model: Laura

Model: Laura

Model: Cara

Model: Cara

Model: Emily

Model: Emily

Model: Devan

Model: Devan

Behind the Scenes!


An extra special thank you to Molly Samuelson for creating lovely locks, Cathy Dedominicis for being the best assistant, Matt MacLeod for being the smoke bomb technician, James Cassidy for reflecting, Gail, Jimmy & Jeremy for their properties. And of course thanks to every model who brought a little something unique to their sets and made this one of the most fun and exciting shoots I have ever done. 

Yellow chair monochromatic.

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.” ― Roman Payne

I've been working on several different projects lately and this is just a peak from a monochromatic portrait shoot I did. There's something extremely magical about this muddy mustard yellow and a frolic through the woods with a dear friend. Feeling rejuvenated in the simplicity of it all.

A farewell to film.

Tonight I photographed my final mandatory 35mm project for school and it was incredibly bittersweet. I am grateful for the past 4 months of film to slow me down and make every single push of the button count with everything I've got. There truly is nothing like a film photograph, with all it's charming imperfections. But I cannot lie because I am anxiously anticipating the endless possibilities of advancing in digital. Here are a few I snapped in color of Gretchen Hartman, a beautiful girl inside and out!


Her tiny hands stole my heart.

Today I got to spend the afternoon with this sweet girl named Anastasia. Her and her lovely mom were very patient as we took several hours to make sure she had a full belly and a warm, comfy place to lay. 

Photographing sweethearts like her is up there in my top 5 favorite things to do, ever.


Falling in love in fall.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.  -- F. Scott Fitzgerald


I am one of those ladies that is completely head over heels in love with LOVE!  It overwhelms me with giddy joy to hear that several of my gorgeous friends have gotten engaged in the past few weeks.  Autumn is the perfect time of year for snuggly, cuddly & warm falling in love.  <3

The bad news is that soon (like... 3-4 weeks soon) the trees will have shed all their leaves and we will be braving the transition into Winter.  But there is still time!  Act soon and you can have an extraordinary Save the Date // Engagement portrait session during the loveliest time of year.   Below are some fantastic guidelines to help you plan your photography session quickly and without missing a beat!

Photo by Caity MacLeod

Photo by Caity MacLeod