Falling in love in fall.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.  -- F. Scott Fitzgerald


I am one of those ladies that is completely head over heels in love with LOVE!  It overwhelms me with giddy joy to hear that several of my gorgeous friends have gotten engaged in the past few weeks.  Autumn is the perfect time of year for snuggly, cuddly & warm falling in love.  <3

The bad news is that soon (like... 3-4 weeks soon) the trees will have shed all their leaves and we will be braving the transition into Winter.  But there is still time!  Act soon and you can have an extraordinary Save the Date // Engagement portrait session during the loveliest time of year.   Below are some fantastic guidelines to help you plan your photography session quickly and without missing a beat!

Photo by Caity MacLeod

Photo by Caity MacLeod

Captured by CaityComment