Mysterious portraits of Abby Mac.

In a life of routine and an age of information, it's easy to become overwhelmed with the things we see visually. Because there are so many outlets to make and take amazing photographs, Portrait and Lifestyle photography has morphed into two main approaches. The first is a photojournalistic, natural perspective that is seen in most weddings and family portraits. The other is making unique portraits by taking an interesting concept or style and creating a scene to fit it. Although I love both approaches in their own ways, "playing pretend" will always be my favorite.

When I had an opportunity to photograph Abby, I knew we were going for an elegantly disheveled look. Setting her shoot in a nearly 300 year old New England shaker house made that a breeze. 

Would you just check out that awesome 60s dress she's sporting?

All the gold and mustard yellow velvet in this room was to die for.

And of course there was ample floral everywhere you turned your head!

So, do portraits have to be stale and rigid? Well, maybe not in the negative sense of the words.

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