Perks of having an unplugged ceremony.

Weddings are a huge deal. You spend months of time planning, thousands of dollars invested and high hopes for a single perfect day. Everything goes just as planned, until one of the guests jumps into the aisle and blocks a crucial photographic moment for the photographer.

In my experience photographing weddings, there are always a handful of throwaway photos containing guests with outstretched phones, point and shoot cameras, their own DSLRs and sometimes.... (the worst yet) even giant iPads in the way. In the photo below, I was using this aisle to prepare my frame for the upcoming kiss and as you can see my full length view of them was completely consumed by an excited and unaware guest.

(Luckily, I was able to quickly get higher than her and snap some beautiful close ups!)

(Luckily, I was able to quickly get higher than her and snap some beautiful close ups!)

Asking guests to unplug is gaining popularity and there are many reasons why.

- You asked the guest to be there to help you celebrate a huge event in your life. You PAID the photographer to document it.

- Professionals work hard to be conscientious and not in the way. If the guest is moving all around, they are most likely disrupting your other family and friends.

- They are not giving you their full attention. Wouldn't you prefer a photo of a guest tearing up at your vows rather than staring at their camera phone?

Did you have an unplugged wedding or plan to have one? I would love to hear how you handled this topic with your guests. 

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